• Let’s Talk Religion and Faith

    You don’t have to embrace a religion in order to be a spiritual person. Spirituality encompasses a wider set of circumstances and evolves over time. It’s something that an individual determines and shapes, rather than a doctrine or structure to be followed. That’s not to say you can’t be a deeply religious person who is… [Continue Reading]

    Let’s Talk Religion and Faith
  • What Is Spirituality

    Spirituality is a concept we hear a lot about these days. Spiritual activities of all types allow people to move toward becoming their best selves and to focus their intent on living a purpose-driven life. These activities can include meditation, yoga, research, fellowship, communing with nature and more. However, you may not really be sure… [Continue Reading]

    What Is Spirituality
  • What Is Meditation

    I am always being asked. What is meditation? Grab your cup of coffee/tea and let me quickly explain. Although meditation has undergone a resurgence in popularity as of late, it’s still a concept that isn’t thoroughly understood by many. So many people have a vague idea that the practice involves calming the mind, but they… [Continue Reading]

    What Is Meditation

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